Greenville Florist Communications

angels sc telecommunicationsToday we visit Greenville, South Carolina. Our first step, as always, is to do a Google search. Our search was “florist greenville sc”. Then we click the “more places” option on the Maps listing. Before selecting our telecommunications review company, we clicked on four previous listings. Two did not even have websites, one was wedding specific and the other was a poorly done website that simply listed the three locations that they operated from.

By default, the company we review is Angel’s Flower and Gift Boutique. The website is typical of florists throughout SC. Name of company is at the top along with phone number with the hours of operation and the physical address are tucked down in the footer of the site. Florist websites typically are visually oriented with images of many of the offerings front and center. This website abides by those conventions.

Contact Info: Angel’s provides one incoming phone line with no need of fax listing. The one email they use is not a domain email, rather an email that used to be popular but not is just a redirection. They provide a standard contact form on the Contact Us page that has html formatting problems.

Socially, they used to keep their Facebook page current until February 2017, but there is only one post since. No twitter URL is listed. The last update to the Google Plus listing is two years ago.

Other telecommunications usage was not evident and without an evident FTD contract for delivery, no internet connection is mandatory.

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