Hilton Head Island Real Estate Firm Communications

sc real estate firm communicationsFoundation Realty describes itself as a small and sleek boutique firm with more than three hundred years of Lowcountry RE experience. The website has an understated phone number listed top and bottom. The contact page offers a form as the preferred way for clients to get in touch with them.

The firm has approximately 34 real estate agents of varying credentials. Communications used by these agents are:

  • Communal office phone number
  • Communal office fax number
  • Individual agent cell phone number
  • Individual agent email address, primarily with the business domain

Outgoing office communications via telephone are handled by approximately seven outgoing numbers.

The office uses broadband internet.

Outgoing, generalized information is provided via the Internet with:

  • A frequently posted to Facebook page
  • An infrequently used Twitter account
  • A frequently updated company blog as part of the business website

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