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sc business telecommsHello. My name is Shannon Huisman and I hail from the tri-county area of Charleston, South Carolina.

Long ago (in telecommunications measurement) I became interested and then employed in the telephone industry in South Carolina. My father told me stories of how he used the hand crank type of telephone when he was a kid. He related how long distance calls cost more than the time and gas to drive the fifteen miles to the store and talk directly. His next phone service was a real dial telephone but was on a “party line”. If you do a Google search, you will find that this was a cost saving measure where everyone on your party line would hear the ring (each user was different) and could listen in on your conversation similar to your current multiple hardline telephones in your house. You would also have to wait for the “busy-bodies” to stop talking on their phone to use your phone on that party line.

Even without a party line, any long distance telephone call would cost a fortune. Let’s face it. It was an ATT monopoly. Once that was broken up, the players started jumping into the industry. Long distance charges plummeted and then gradually decreased to affordable.

Then we got cellular telephones. This was competition, but the long distance charges remained. From this point, the evolution of telecommunications became a blur. From the hand crank phone of the 1950’s to the unlimited long distance calls on cell phones and VOIP today, we wonder what we will see ten years from now.

This blog is but a snapshot (that is a quite outdated term) of a sample of the use of telecommunications for businesses in South Carolina. Given the acceleration of telecommunication technology, my posts may become dated within the year. However, my posts will provide an archival point for future bloggers.

Thanks for visiting a website that may soon become relative history.

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